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How Travel Counsellors partnered with Joos for customizable, portable power banks

Key Facts:

Industry: Events

Type of Joos: Max

Number of attendees: 1,200

As technology continues to evolve, staying connected and online is a top priority for attendees at events. That’s why Travel Counsellors, a global travel company, partnered with Joos to provide a reliable source of power for their guests during their conferences.

The Company

Travel Counsellors is a traveling agency with over 2,000 independent consultants specialised in curating bespoke travel experiences. They have been honoured with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise three times, made it to the Sunday Times PwC Top Track 250 list, and generated over £650 million in global sales.

Travel Counsellors hosts various events throughout the year, ranging from intimate workshops to large-scale conferences. These events bring together travel industry professionals and allow attendees to learn, network, and stay up-to-date with industry trends. Their worldwide audience expects them to provide phone charging to make sure they can make the most of their experience without worrying about if their phone is going to die.

The challenge

Running a 3-day conference at the ACC in Liverpool, a phone charging station was a ‘must-have’ to keep their 1,200 delegates charged. After all, attendees would need their phones to network, take notes and share their experience on social media.

Traditional charging solutions, such as lockers or static charging stations, can be bulky and take up valuable space. More than this, few charging services offered advertising opportunities and the ability to custom wrap their stations, something which was of vital importance to Travel Counsellors.

Since they needed to dedicate all their resources to planning such a large-scale event, it was also paramount that delivery, set up and collection were all managed by the charging service of their choice. Once installed, the stations themselves needed to be low maintenance and self-serviced to make them convenient for delegate sot use.

When the event organisers reached out to us, they were looking for an event charging solution that offered:

  • Customisable branding
  • Multiple advertising opportunities
  • A self-serviced solution
  • Convenience
  • 24/7 support

Our solution

After reviewing various types of mobile phone charging stations for business conferences, Travel Counsellors decided Joos’ portable power banks were the most convenient for delegates. In the words of one travel consultant, Joos chargers are “handy to carry throughout the day, delegates don’t need to leave their phone in a locker.”

Following a call with one of our Joos representatives, Travel Counsellors hired a Joos Box MAX to provide them with 48 power banks over two days. This package included:

  • Delivery and collection
  • Promotional videos displayed on a 43” HD LCD
  • Usage and attendee feedback report
  • 360 project management

Joos provided Travel Counsellors with portable phone charger stations that were easy to use, required no supervision and seamlessly integrated into their event. The only infrastructure required on site is a 230V electrical supply and a WiFi connection.

Why Joos?

Joos’ bespoke charging solution provided Travel Counsellors’ attendees with a convenient charging experience that exceeded their expectations.

“Set up was quick, easy and on time, which is so helpful,” a Travel Counsellor’s representative explained. “Managing events can be stressful on such a large scale. The whole process was seamless and we’ll definitely have Joos again.”

By choosing Joos, Travel Counsellors were able to provide a flexible and efficient charging solution that allowed their attendees to stay charged on-the-go.

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