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Charging On The Go at The Golden Key:
Joos' Offers an Innovative
Portable Solution For All

Key Facts:

Industry: Events

Services: 48-bank Joos Max

Number of charging stations: 20

Number of attendees: 32,000 people

Number of hours: 6,457 hrs

Held on 15th October 2022, The Golden Key, London’s first ‘Destination City’ event, was an adventure that brought the streets of the City of London to life. As the city transformed with exciting theatre performances, thrilling games, and captivating shows – find out how Joos improved the experience of over 32,000 visitors to ensure they never missed a moment! 

The event

With over 30 independent theatre companies and 200 performers hosting events across 17 locations from sunrise to sunset, the day was filled with acrobatics displays, giant puppets, circus performers, contemporary dancers, jugglers, storytellers, and interactive theatre.

The challenge

The organisers were worried about three crucial things – 

  • That attendees’ phones would run out of battery 
  • People need to stay connected and online to enjoy the event and record their experience
  • Attendees might leave early without any portable charging options

Our solution

Joos provided The Golden Key with a customised phone charging stations that catered to the event’s needs. Our team worked closely with the organisers to identify the best locations for the stations, ensuring they were easily accessible to attendees. The Joos team also provided on-site support throughout the event to ensure the charging stations functioned correctly.

The result? With our 48-bank’ Joos Max’ mobile charging stations, we provided an easy and efficient way for visitors to charge their phones without disrupting their experience. Hundreds of people captured photos and videos and stayed connected with friends and family without interruption. Visitors could take a power bank on the move, and when they were finished with it, they could dock it back at any Joos Box at the event or find many more across the city visible on the Joos App.

The Joos Max was the perfect solution for The Golden Key.

Why Joos?

The Golden Key chose Joos because our charging stations are user-friendly, highly efficient, and customisable to fit the specific needs of any event. As opposed to charging lockers, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming, our stations allow attendees to charge on the go. Additionally, our on-site support ensures that any issues can be resolved quickly, minimising potential disruptions to the event.

We have a regular programme of events, and it would be lovely to work with Joos again. Additionally, their team was fantastic and made the whole process of installation really easy.

With Joos, attendees were free to roam around and immerse themselves in the wondrous world of The Golden Key. It was an adventure, and we were thrilled to be a part of it!

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