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Staying Connected During Emergency Visits: How Joos Power Banks Support Patients and Staff at Salford Royal NHS Emergency Department

Unexpected visits to the emergency department (ED) can be stressful for patients and their families, especially when phone batteries run low, making it difficult to stay connected and arrange onward transportation. Joos power banks help alleviate this stress by providing a convenient charging solution that improves patient experience while reducing the burden on hospital staff.

A flat phone disconnects families, makes arranging onward transport difficult and adds to the stress of increased waiting time.
Joos power banks reduce pressure on staff and help patients & visitors stay connected when it matters most.


Salford Royal NHS Emergency Department recognized the challenges patients faced during extended waiting times and visitor restrictions, often leading to drained phone batteries and disconnection from their loved ones. Hospital staff were constantly asked to charge patients’ phones and struggled to accommodate these requests due to limited resources.

What Joos Offers

Rationale: Improves patient experience, reduces reliance on staff chargers and reduces hazards from untested cables.

  • Joos Boxes dispense portable power banks which charge every mobile device.
  • A completely free and fully managed solution for NHS hospitals including delivery, setup, and maintenance.
  • Patients rent a power bank and return later at any Joos box. The hospital has no liability for the devices.
  • Devices are designed with hospital estates and fully vetted for IPC and DPIA.
  • Joos will pay a 10% revenue share to the hospital Trust

Outstanding Results

The implementation of Joos power banks has had a significant positive impact at Salford Royal Hospital, resulting in:

  • An average of 180 power bank rentals per month, reducing over 2,000 challenging patient interactions annually for staff and enhancing overall safety
  • 90% of patients use  Joos for up to six hours, aligning with increased waiting times
  • A projected annual revenue of ÂŁ750 for Salford Royal Hospital through Joos’ hospital revenue share scheme
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