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Powering up Royal Ascot: Joos'
bespoke charging solution
the lead

Key Facts:

Industry: Events

Number of charging stations: 20

Number of attendees: 300,000 people

While Royal Ascot is steeped in tradition, it keeps up with the times by using Joos. This makes sure guests stay connected and online from when the gates open to the last race. 

Read on to learn how it avoids low-battery anxiety for 300,000 guests. 👇

The event

Royal Ascot is an iconic event that brings together horse racing enthusiasts and socialites from all over the world. The five-day event is held annually in Ascot, Berkshire, UK, and is known for its high-end fashion, luxurious atmosphere, and exquisite dining experiences.

It attracts thousands of attendees who require a reliable source of power to keep their phones charged throughout the day.

The challenge

Ascot averages 60,000 racegoers each day across 179 acres and four enclosures. Moreover, the event demands the highest of security due to the presence of the British Royal Family, who visit every year. Hence, Ascot needed a phone charging solution that was:

  • Digitally secure
  • Vetted by security
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reliable

The organisers were concerned that charging boxes would take up too much space, prevent their attendees from charging on-the-go and would detract from the event’s high-end atmosphere.

Our solution

After considering the various types of event charging solutions on the market, Ascot team preferred Joos’ portable devices, which would allow audiences to stay charged while moving across the racecourse.

Not to mention, it’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use a Joos station. Simply grab a phone charger from a machine, plug in your mobile device, and return at your leisure. From that point on, the chargers are reliable and provide fast charging speeds of 1% per minute.

Ultimately, 20 Joos stations were distributed across the racecourse, dressed in bespoke Royal Ascot wrapping to seamlessly integrate into the event’s overall design aesthetic. We managed the entire service, including delivery, setup and collection within strict time periods. Local teams were also trained to show guests how to enjoy the service, making sure no one would be left with a dead battery.

Why Joos?

Joos was the only supplier capable of meeting Ascot’s demands for staff vetting, as we understood the need for such high security. More than this, we were able to monitor the average number of power banks used daily, enacting a same day response to replace power banks throughout the day if machines were running low.

Hundreds of racegoers grabbed a power bank over the week – they were set to keep recording and sharing their Royal Ascot experience.

In the end, Joos’ charging stations provided the Royal Ascot with a convenient, hassle-free charging experience for attendees. By choosing us over traditional charging kiosks, they were able to provide a high-end charging experience that exceeded their guests’ expectations.

Want Joos?

Provide your attendees with the Joos they need to make the most of your event. 

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