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Phone charging points near me: Access hundreds of mobile charging stations across the UK today

Joos has created easy charging solutions nationwide in every major UK city 

Smart devices practically run our whole lives – and we’ve reached a point where the batteries powering them can’t meet demand. 

The moment a user’s mobile power dips below 20%, they start searching the web for “phone charging points near me”. 

Any venue with an easy charging solution is always going to have a competitive edge in today’s tech-driven climate. And no mobile phone charging station is easier to use – or implement – than Joos. 

Joos users simply scan a QR code, grab a portable charger, and attach it to their device to charge their phone. It’s that simple. They don’t even need to return to the same spot they got their battery – with thousands of Joos phone charging drop-off points located across the UK. 

Joos has changed charging for good – empowering people to charge their phone at shopping centres, bars, hospitals, train stations, shopping centers, airports and more across every major city in the UK at the touch of a button. 

Here is a little more about why Joos has been such a bright idea… A charging solution for every venue 

The sudden burst of Joos stations in Britain is down to versatility. These charging facilities offer benefits for any type of venue – regardless of its customer personas or habits.

One of Joos’ biggest success stories is Salford Royal Hospital – where demand for charging stations is high among patients and visitors seeking maintained contact via phone with loved ones (and a way to pass the time). 

Within 50 days of installing a Joos station on site at Salford Royal, hundreds of visitors rented power banks – with 90% of outpatients using the chargers for up to six hours for the duration of their stay. 

Yet, Joos portable battery packs have proven similarly popular in venues where customer dwell time is considerably lower. 

In the case of London Bridge train station – one of the busiest commuter hubs in Britain with a fast, high turnover of customers – Joos saw high demand for mobile phone charging stations. 

Joos stepped in to help Network Rail fulfil its commitment to digitalisation across railway environments with the installation of three Joos stations in London Bridge – with customer use averaging 5:45 hours (rating the service a near-perfect 4.8/5). 

Any venue can offer easy charging to customers with Joos – and there’s a specially-designed mobile charging station for each scenario. 

These range from Joos Box Max units for arenas with high footfall (many can already be found in major UK shopping centres) to smaller Joos Box Minis that fit snugly on a bar countertop. 

Best of all – it’s free… 

Charge up your customers… at zero charge for you 

Offering proven value in any venue, Joos has also struck a chord with businesses because it doesn’t cost a penny to install.

Support and maintenance is all part of the Joos package – giving venues the means to increase customer satisfaction service via an additional service at no extra cost. 

Joos is live in 2000 + locations in Britain right now – with fully-managed Joos stations across Manchester, Bristol, Salford, Liverpool, London, Leeds and many more. 

This is the easy charging solution everyone wanted and needed. And your venue can get a station installed for free in a matter of minutes. 

Learn more about getting every drop out of Joos by contacting today. 

You can also reach out via our online form here and a member of our team will be in touch.

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