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Joos power station at Lisbon underground

Lisbon Metro Partners with Joos: Europe’s First Underground Portable Phone Charging

Joos, an innovative company offering on-the-go mobile charging solutions, has joined forces with Lisbon Metro to provide portable power banks to metro riders across Portugal’s vibrant capital city. Through this pioneering partnership, commuters and tourists alike can conveniently rent Joos power banks at metro stations across the city, ensuring their devices remain powered up during their journeys. This collaboration marks a ground-breaking move, as Lisbon Metro become the first underground transit system in Europe to adopt a portable phone charging solution. 

Joos’ innovative charging stations allow passengers to quickly rent a portable charger via contactless card payment, or through scanning a QR code. The whole process is similar, if not quicker than renting a ‘Lime Scooter’. This initiative not only fosters digitalisation but also enhances night-time safety by enabling riders to keep their phones charged and accessible, providing peace of mind as they navigate the city after dark. 

The landmark deal provides Joos with a presence across several stations within the underground network, making its mobile charging products available to a proportion of the nearly 170 million passengers that use the metro system each year. 

"We are thrilled for Lisbon Metro to become the first underground system in Europe to take Joos. Our portable power banks are the perfect solution for metro passengers who need to stay charged as they explore the beautiful city of Lisbon."
Josh Baah
Co-Founder of Joos

About Joos: Joos is a London-based technology company providing portable renewable energy solutions for high footfall areas, transportation, industry and more. The company’s innovative mobile charging stations and power banks empower people to stay powered up on the go. For more information, please visit 

About Lisbon Metro: Lisbon Metro is the metro system that serves the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon and its surrounding municipalities. With 56 stations across four lines, it provides efficient and eco-friendly transportation for over 170 million passengers annually. 

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