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Joos is making the night-time economy safer

Night-time culture contributes over £36 billion to the UK economy. More than 425,000 are employed in roles across hospitality, pubs, bars, clubs and food outlets.

Whilst this demonstrates the substantial contribution the industry makes, it does not reveal the shadow of a safety crisis looming large above.

Rising reports of violence and assault during nights out – particularly against females – have become so prominent that in the summer of 2022, the Mayor of London unveiled a new Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG) Strategy designed to work in collaboration with a Women’s Night Safety Charter that would make London a city where all women feel confident and welcome at night. 

Research shows that many incidents have arisen in scenarios where women feel isolated, alone and cut off from their friends and family – proving that communication is crucial to a safer night-time economy. 

That’s where JOOS helps.

We pride ourselves on keeping people connected when they need it most – and that’s why we have poured resources into supporting the UK night-time economy by offering a cost-free phone charging service to businesses so everyone can always stay in touch – alongside independent surveys to understand the necessity for phone charging across the hospitality industry. 

Keeping up the conversation 

In a bid to understand how we can better support the UK’s night-time economy, JOOS has held conversations with organisations, bars and clubs around customer safety. 

Through our partnership with the Night-Time Industry Association (NTIA), we have discovered that a dead/dying phone causes fear and anxiety for 60% of all women. 

Running out of mobile battery, alone and in an unfamiliar place, caused four in five (83%) women to feel more unsafe than if their phone was charged. For 18-24-year-old women, the numbers spike – with nine in ten (90%) feeling unsafe. 

Various police constabularies are demonstrating strong support for JOOS’ pledge to improve well-being throughout the sector, and after speaking to many nightclub representatives, we discovered that phone charging played a considerable role in safety. 

The Metropolitan Police advised one venue to turn away customers if their phones don’t have sufficient battery.

Collaborating with clubs 

With JOOS on site, bars and clubs can create a more enjoyable and safer space for revellers.

JOOS can be found in G-A-Y, Adventure Bar, and Pub Invest Group’s venues, just to name a few.

“Being a late-night entertainment venue with a young, largely non-male demographic, we have a social responsibility to ensure our guests can get home safely in the early hours. Joos saves us from taking responsibility for charging phones and gives us peace of mind that we provide our guests with options.”  

Operations Manager, Mama Roux’s  

‘Joos is a great partner to work with. They are pro-active, take responsibility for their services to us, and keep us informed. They are also a very friendly bunch!’  

Midsummer Place 

Some of our happy partners include: 

Ballie Ballerson

With giant ball pits, the best mix of music, and a plethora of great cocktails, Ballie Ballerson is one of the best spots anywhere for a fun-filled night out.

Since launching Joos in May 2021, more than 1,500 guests have rented a JOOS power bank.

G-A-Y Manchester 

The G-A-Y Group have some iconic venues within their portfolio that are synonymous with good vibes and good times. 

Within three months of launching JOOS, over 200 unique guests rented a power bank.

Fire Night Club 

With five venues in London and Manchester, Fire already had a phone-charging provider on site, but switched to JOOS because of our personalized service, sleek adaptable design aesthetic, and focus on promoting safety for customers.

In the first month after switching to JOOS, guests at Fire, Vanilla, and On Bar accumulated over 800 hours in the venues while using the power banks.

Partying safely

The UK night-time economy is back on its feet post-COVID – but the sector is still in a fight to combat the safety crisis. 

With our free-to-install mobile charging station solutions, JOOS is doing its bit to turn the tide and make the UK a safer place to party. 

For more information on how we’re helping the night-time economy, visit our dedicated hospitality page – and see what integrating JOOS can do for your night-time venue.

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