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Joos and Metrocom: Shaping Tomorrow’s Travel – Q&A Insights with Hugo Ellison

In this Q&A, we sat down with Hugo, one of Joos’ Area Managers, to delve into Joos’ recent collaboration with Metrocom. Hugo sheds light on our latest high-profile transport partnership, discussing the way in which Joos is playing a pivotal role in revolutionising passenger convenience and enhancing connectivity.

Discover how Joos and Metrocom are shaping the future of passenger experiences!

Joos: Hugo, thank you for joining us today. Before we delve into our discussion, could you introduce yourself to our audience please?

Hugo: Of course. My name is Hugo, and I’ve worked with Joos for almost 2 years. Currently, I serve as the Area Manager, overseeing our operations in key regions. My responsibilities include ensuring smooth implementation and maintenance of our charging solutions, whilst also fostering partnerships with organisations like Metrocom, Northern Rail, Leeds Bradford Airport, Hammerson, and the NHS.

Joos: Thank you. We are very excited to hear about your recent trip to Portugal to install Joos power bank stations across Metrocom’s subway system. Could you  how this collaboration with Metrocom first took shape and came into action?

Hugo: Absolutely. It started in June 2023 when Metrocom revolutionised passenger convenience by introducing card payments across their network. This innovative move allowed travellers to pay for trips using not only their bank cards but also their e-wallets, leading to a significant increase in mobile payments for customer journeys. Recognising the importance of connectivity, Metrocom sought a mobile charging partner to complement this digital transformation.

Metrocom was particularly impressed by Joos’ ability to address multiple needs with one solution. With Joos, passengers can charge their phones, pay for their journey, and access entertainment or communications — all with a convenient, fully managed experience.

Joos: I imagine ensuring passenger safety was a top priority for Metrocom. Were there any key considerations or challenges? How did Joos tackle them?

Hugo: As you can expect, ensuring passenger safety was critical in Metrocom’s decision making process. One of the primary concerns was the safety of the units, particularly in terms of fire safety, as well as ensuring the units were stable to prevent tipping hazards.

For example, to demonstrate fire safety, Joos provided detailed assurances regarding the fire-resistant features of our units. Additionally, Joos collaborated closely with Metrocom to implement effective measures to secure the units to the floor. This involved drilling into the floor and securing the units with bolts, guaranteeing absolute stability, and eliminating any risk of tipping.

Joos: Wow, it sounds like you and the team really put in the work to ensure everything was safe and secure for passengers. Installing across the stations in Lisbon must have been quite an adventure! Can you share more about what the installation was like and how you managed to keep things both successful and enjoyable?

Hugo: Absolutely, it was quite a journey, but a rewarding one to say at least! Over the course of three evenings, our team worked alongside Metro’s skilled electrical engineers to get everything up and running smoothly.

My time in Lisbon was truly memorable and marked a significant milestone in my career. We look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and partnership with Metro, whilst also continuing to build out our network in Portugal.

Joos: Can you share some of the exciting reactions and trends you’ve observed since the installs?

Hugo: The usage of power bank rentals across the Metro network has been excellent thus far, with notable trends emerging. This highlights the convenience and flexibility offered by Joos’ power bank service, catering to the dynamic needs of passengers.

Despite being in its infant stages in Portugal, the power bank rental industry is slowly being adopted by customers, with weekly improvements on rentals. This uptake underscores the growing demand for innovative solutions that enhance connectivity and convenience while traveling.

Joos: That’s fantastic, Hugo! As Joos becomes even more well-known among passengers, I’m sure we’ll see even more benefits unfold. Now, let’s delve into the backstory of how Joos secured the partnership with Metrocom. What were the key factors that paved the way for this successful collaboration?

Hugo: A special thank you to Carina Mendonça Pereira for introducing Joos to Metrocom.

Metrocom ultimately chose Joos for several factors, particularly because of Joos’ previous experience working with transport operators in the UK, most notably Network Rail & Northern. In addition, with Joos being the only Apple certified power bank rental provider in Europe certainly helped.

Joos: It’s impressive how everything fell into place. Looking ahead, how do you see this partnership evolving to better serve the needs of Metrocom passengers?

Hugo: Currently servicing 8 key stations within the metro network, Joos has ambitious plans to extend its reach to the majority of the 56 stations. Our goal is to provide seamless charging solutions throughout passengers’ journeys across Portugal’s major transport providers.

In addition to expanding our presence, Joos is committed to improving customer engagement and awareness. We’ll be working closely with Metrocom in the coming months to ensure customers understand and utilise our products effectively, enriching the metro experience for all passengers.

Furthermore, Joos’ network is rapidly expanding across Lisbon’s economy, particularly within the hospitality industry. We’re excited to continue our growth and contribute to Lisbon’s thriving business landscape.

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