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Introducing Joos: Empowering Bratislava and Prague with Convenient Powerbank Rentals

Joos is thrilled to announce its official expansion into Eastern Europe, starting with its launch into Bratislava and Prague. The UK-based power bank rental company is a tech solution that solves the problem of low phone battery by bringing a hassle-free, sustainable, and safe phone charging solution through its innovative self-service vending kiosks – which are currently free for all venues in the region.

 With Joos, you can rent a power bank from one venue, and then drop it off at any other machine in the network. Think “Bike Share Prague” but for power banks. In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is essential. Joos is here to provide a simple and accessible solution to ensure you are never out of power.

Joos is proud to announce that the charging stations will be conveniently located across Slovakia & Czech Republic, including in bars, clubs, hospitals, and transportation hubs. Customers get the peace of mind from charging their phone on the move allowing them to get home safely, contact loved ones or make mobile payments.

Venues benefit by enhancing their customer experience, promoting customer satisfaction & increasing dwell time. Whether it’s for a busy day on-the-go or for those who forget to charge their phone before leaving the house, Joos offers a reliable and convenient solution for all and will successfully eliminate low battery anxiety.

The company is proud to be the only provider across the UK, Europe, and North America with Apple Certified charging cables. This ensures that all Joos power banks are safe and reliable for customer use, mitigating against battery degradation and infringing on Apple’s IP.

Joos is currently providing FREE stations to partner venues interested in improving their customer experience & generating more revenue. If you wish to take advantage of the convenience of the Joos powerbank rental service, please contact or

Learn more about Joos and find a station near you

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