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Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is based in London, England. It is one of the largest NHS trusts in England, currently managing five hospitals including Charing Cross Hospital; and St Mary’s Hospital. The emergency departments at Charing Cross Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital were early adopters of Joos and highlighted how the service reduces pressure on staff, improves patient experience and level of care, while enhancing general safety.


  • Multiple times daily, staff are faced with frustrated and abusive patients who find themselves disconnected from friends & family as their phone batteries run low, without a solution available.
  • Some staff would go against the Trust’s policy, discretely charging patient’s phones behind their desk.
  • A ‘near miss fire incident’ occurred when a patient plugged an uncertified wall charger into a power outlet in A&E resulting in the charger combusting and causing smoke.
  • The solution could not introduce new responsibilities for clinical, admin or facilities staff.

Joos’ Solution

Joos provided Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust a Charitable Giving Scheme free of any upfront and ongoing costs. Our installation team collaborated closely with ED service managers to strategically identify optimal locations for Joos charging stations, ensuring convenient accessibility for both adults and children within the waiting rooms.

In a span of just one month, our dedicated team successfully implemented the deployment of Joos stations, complemented by strategically placed informative posters for patient messaging. Moreover, we conducted comprehensive demonstrations for the hospital staff, providing a detailed insight into the functionality of our self-service charging stations. During these sessions, we emphasised Joos’ commitment to proactive management and maintenance, alleviating the hospital staff from the need for constant monitoring or direct contact.

Outstanding Results

The implementation of Joos power banks has had a significant positive impact at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, resulting in:

  • 500 emergency patients rented power banks in the first five weeks
  • Annual projections:
  • 5,500 patients & visitors are anticipated to grab a power bank – removing thousands of potentially abusive
    confrontations for staff
  • Over ÂŁ1,500 to be paid to the Trust’s fund through Joos’ Charitable Giving Scheme
  • The Trust has since added five more Joos charging stations, expanding the service to help thousands more patients, visitors and staff
  • 60+ NHS major hospitals have followed ICHFT to launch Joos for patients and visitors

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