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Patients using phone in hospital environment

How Joos Charging Stations Lead the Way in Patient-Centric Care

In the fast-paced environment of emergency departments (EDs), every second is crucial. Yet, amidst the chaos of medical emergencies, a critical issue often goes unnoticed – the challenge of keeping mobile phones charged during unexpected hospital visits. This is where Joos steps in, reshaping patient care one charge at a time.

Driving Change in Healthcare

Over the past year, Joos has not only significantly expanded its presence in the healthcare sector but has also emerged as a pioneer, partnering with over 70 hospitals. One of the key driving forces behind this trend has been Joos’ commitment to addressing the limitations of traditional phone charging methods like charging lockers and plug sockets. Our recent blog post elaborated on this, illustrating how innovative solutions like Joos can help lessen the burden on busy A&E departments.

Understanding Our Impact

To further accelerate this growth in 2024 and gain deeper insights into why hospitals choose Joos and the benefits we provide, we invited our healthcare clients to participate in a comprehensive feedback survey. Let’s take a closer look at what we found!

Challenges Prior Implementing Joos

Before Joos entered the industry, hospitals faced several challenges that made them consider a solution like Joos. Our survey revealed the following: 

  • 42% of respondents said patients experienced some form or shape of anxiety over low phone batteries during unexpected A&E visits. 
  • 35% mentioned nurses and staff were bombarded with charging requests, diverting their attention from critical patient care. 
  • 21% of respondents reported that patients made unauthorised use of plugs sockets in waiting rooms, which was reported as an electrical safety risk to the patient. 
Challenges Prior Implementing Joos in the Hospital Environment Graph
Figure 1: Challenges Hospitals Were Facing Prior To Implementing Joos

These numbers demonstrate some of the challenges hospitals were facing, whilst showcasing the the pressing need for innovative and reliable charging solutions in emergency departments. After understanding the initial challenges, we asked our clients how Joos has changed the patient experience since installing our solution.

A Deep Dive into Data

After the introduction of Joos stations in hospitals, we discovered: 

  • 0% – we we’re proud to see that none of the respondents reported that they have encountered any sort of challenges in managing Joos charging stations for patient use. This was fantastic feedback to see, as our vision was always to provide a service that seamlessly integrates into existing hospital workflows and environments without any extra staff resources needed. 
  • 100% of those respondents reported that they witnessed patients use Joos stations frequently, typically in the A&E environments. 
  • 66% of hospitals noticed patients were happier and more comfortable because of Joos. Our service helped with worries about low batteries and was super convenient. 
  • 69% of hospitals said Joos reduced the number of times nurses were asked for help with charging. With fewer interruptions, nurses could focus on caring for patients. 
Figure 2: Joos Healthcare Survey Findings

Voices of Appreciation

But the most compelling evidence of Joos’ impact comes from those on the frontlines. Here’s some feedback we have received: 

“The introduction of Joos units has made life easier for patients and visitors in waiting areas.” 

“Joos helped to free up of clinical time.” 

“There are areas of our estate where it isn’t practical to charge your mobile phone. The introduction of such units, particularly in waiting/communal areas, has made life easier for our patients and visitors, and enhanced their experiences of our services.” 

“It gives a piece of mind in the children’s ED, so they can continue to remain entertain whilst waiting.” 

“It saves time for our nurses.” 

Feedback from a happy healthcare customer about Joos charging
Figure 3: Feedback from One of Our Happy Healthcare Cutomers

Our Clients' Stamp of Approval

In a resounding vote of confidence, hospital respondents gave an average rating of 8.6 when asked if on a 1-10 scale how much they would recommend Joos to other hospitals. This peer endorsement highlights not just satisfaction, but a collective belief in the transformative power of Joos charging stations in hospital environments.

Figure 4: Peer Recommendation Score Results


In healthcare, new ideas aren’t just nice; they’re necessary. Joos charging stations are changing how hospital emergency departments function, making patients happier and helping nurses focus on what matters most.  

With so much positive feedback, we’re proud that Joos is leading the way in improving patient care across the healthcare system. Join us in making a difference with Joos and reach out to to explore how we can enhance your emergency department waiting room too! 

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