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Your solution to low battery, helping customers to get home safely at night and incentivising them to stay longer & spend more​.


Mobile wallets will be the standard form of payment by 2025. Joos keeps your customers spending and saves your staff the hassle and security risks charging devices behind the bar.

Night Safety

Staff and customers often need their phone apps & mobile wallets to get home safely at night.​

Boost Spending

Apple, Google and Samsung Pay are used by 64% of 18-34-year-olds and set to be the standard payment by 2025.

Increase Dwell Time

Phones are so important to customers that they will leave before risking a flat battery. Joos is the fix they need.

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Laines Case Study

Laines has pulled over 160 million pints at over 100 bars. Digitalisation makes having a low maintenance phone charging solution essential to its continued success.

Here's some highlights of Joos x Laines's partnership:

Night Time Industry Association (NTIA)

Joos are proud to be working in partnership with the Night Time Industry Association (NTIA). 

  • Through our partnership, we have discovered that a dead/dying phone causes fear and anxiety for 60% of all women.  

  • Running out of mobile battery, alone and in an unfamiliar place, caused four in five (83%) women to feel more unsafe than if their phone was charged. For 18-24-year-old women, the numbers spike – with nine in ten (90%) feeling unsafe.  

Various police constabularies are demonstrating strong support for JOOS’ pledge to improve well-being throughout the sector, and after speaking to many nightclub representatives, we discovered that phone charging played a considerable role in safety.  

To tackle this, it’s Joos’ pledge to improve safety throughout the night time economy and uphold out role to provide the best phone charging service for your night time enjoyers. 


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