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Customer scanning a digital QR code menu with a phone and Joos power bank

Finding Power Bank Rental Stations: Your Essential Guide with Joos

In today’s tech-driven world, staying connected is crucial. Whether you’re navigating a bustling city, travelling for business, or enjoying a day out, a dead smartphone battery can be a major barrier to enjoying the rest of your day. That’s where Joos comes in – offering convenient and accessible power bank rental stations to keep your devices charged and you on the move. But where exactly can you find these lifesaving stations? Let’s explore!

Airports and Train Stations: Stay Connected on the Go

Airports and major train stations are bustling hubs where staying connected is essential for travellers. Whether you’re scanning digital tickets, checking flight or train statuses, navigating terminals, or staying entertained during your journey, a charged device is indispensable. Joos power bank rental stations are strategically located near lounges, waiting areas, and departure gates or platforms at places like Leeds Bradford Airport, Bristol Airport, and across Northern Rail train stations, ensuring you never run out of power while on the move.

Shopping Centres: Power Up While You Shop

Shopping centres are not just for retail therapy; they’re also prime locations for Joos power bank rental stations. Conveniently situated near food courts, main entrances, and popular stores, these charging stations allow you to keep your devices powered up while you shop or grab a meal. With Joos stations available in most major shopping centres nationwide, you can seamlessly charge up and continue your day without interruptions. 

Pubs, Bars, and Nightclubs: Stay Connected and Safe 

Enjoying a night out at pubs, bars, and nightclubs often means needing to stay connected to arrange travel home and keep in touch with friends and family. With Joos power bank rental stations conveniently located in these venues, you can easily charge your devices while socialising. Ensure your phone is always ready to capture memorable moments and manage your plans without worrying about a dead battery. Look for Joos stations at popular spots and stay powered up throughout your night out.

Hotels and Hostels: Seamless Charging for Travellers and Professionals 

The future looks bright for power bank rentals. Innovation is the name of the game, with new solutions making staying connected even easier. At Joos, we’re leading the charge as the only Apple-certified power bank rental solution in Europe and the sole CSA-approved provider in Canada. Our commitment to safety and reliability makes us the go-to choice for major shopping centres, hospitals, and transport providers. Wherever you go, we’ve got your charge covered.

Event Venues: Never Miss a Moment 

Whether it’s a concert, conference, or sporting event, staying connected can enhance your experience. Joos power bank rental stations are often found at large event venues, ensuring you can capture every moment, stay updated with event schedules, and keep in touch with friends. With partnerships including Royal Ascot, London ExCeL, and Manchester Central Convention Complex, Joos ensures you stay connected while enjoying your event. 

Universities and Campuses: Empowering Education 

If you are a uni student, you know that having a charged device is vital for accessing online resources, taking notes, and staying connected with peers. Joos power bank rental stations can be found in libraries, student centres, and common areas including the Student Union bars across various campuses, making it easier for students to stay powered up throughout their busy days.

How to Use Joos Power Bank Rental Stations 

Using a Joos power bank rental station is simple and user-friendly: 

  1. Find a Station: Use the Joos app to locate the nearest power bank rental station. 
  2. Scan and Rent: Scan the QR code on the station, or tap the POS contactless terminal, to rent a power bank. 
  3. Charge and Go: Use the power bank to charge your device on the go. 
  4. Return: Return the power bank to any Joos station when you’re done. 


Why Choose Joos?

Joos stands out for its convenience, affordability, and widespread availability. We are the only Apple-certified provider on the market, ensuring your phone is protected from damage by unauthorised cables. Our customer friendly app makes it easy to find and rent power banks from any of our numerous stations. Plus, our competitive pricing ensures that staying charged doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Stay powered up with Joos – because life doesn’t wait for your battery to charge! 
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