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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Renting a Joos power bank is super easy:

    1. By scanning the QR code
      1. Sign in and set up your payment method
      2. Click ‘Rent Now’ and take the power bank from the slot with the blinking light
    2. By tapping your phone or contactless card to the terminal
      1. Wait until the pre-authorisation of £30 is approved, then the Joos Box will release the power bank
      2. Take the power bank
    1. Press the grey/silver “Return” button on the right side of the Joos box
    2. Push the power bank into the slot with the flashing light
    3. Look for the “Return successful” message on the screen and/or your email receipt confirming the end of your rental

    Renting a Joos power bank costs only £2 for the first hour and £3 for up to 24 hours.

    After this, you won’t be charged more than £3 per day and if you keep that up for 10 days, well…you can just keep the power bank. Seems you need it.

    Yes, the Joos power bank has 3 integrated cables, charging all types of devices. Fun fact, we are Europe’s only Apple MFi Certified lightning portable charger.

    It depends on the state of your battery and how heavily you’re using your phone while you are charging it.

    A fully charged power bank should recharge an average phone 2 times before running out of Joos. There is a micro-USB slot on the side to recharge it if you want to have the convenience of a power bank for a few days before dropping it back at a Joos box, or if you want to keep it forever

    Yes, but it is not recommended. When charging multiple devices, the power bank’s capacity decreases at a faster rate than when charging a single device.

    Option 1:

    1. Simply scan the QR code. 

    2. Sign in and set up your payment method. 

    3. Click 'Rent Now' and grab the power bank from the slot with the blinking light. It's that easy! 

    Option 2:

    1. Tap your phone or contactless card to the terminal. 

    2. Wait for the quick approval of the £30 pre-authorisation. 

    3. Voila! The Joos Box will release the power bank for you to take. 

    It's all about convenience and simplicity with Joos. Grab your power bank hassle-free and stay powered up wherever you go! 

    1. When it's time to return your Joos power bank, just follow these straightforward steps: 

      2.      Locate and then press the grey/silver "Return" button on the right side of the Joos box. 

      3.      Insert the power bank into the designated slot featuring the flashing light. 

      4.      Keep an eye out for the confirmation message on the screen or check your email receipt, which will indicate the successful completion of your rental return. 

    The cost of the power bank may differ across various locations, but don't worry! You can easily find the advertised price on the screen or within our app. Just check it out there, and you'll have the most up-to-date pricing information specific to your location. Oh, and just a friendly reminder, a pre-authorisation is required before making any purchase. 

    The rental fee is calculated based on the duration from when you rent and take the Joos power bank until the time it’s returned.  

    • If you're renting a power bank through the app, you have the flexibility to return it until your daily usage reaches a cap of £30. Once you reach this cap, the power bank becomes yours to keep. It's our way of ensuring you enjoy the convenience of Joos while keeping things budget-friendly. 
    • When renting through our contactless terminal, kindly return the power bank within 3 days to recoup your pre-authorisation fee. You'll only be charged for the rental duration. If you decide to keep it after 3 days, it's yours to enjoy! We prioritise flexibility and options that suit you. 

    Yes, the Joos power bank has 3 integrated cables, charging all types of devices. Fun fact, we’re Europe’s only Apply MFi Certified lightning portable charger.  

    The charging capacity of your Joos power bank depends on a couple of factors: the battery state of your phone and how much you're putting it through its paces while it's charging. 

    You'll be thrilled to know that a fully charged power bank can juice up an average phone not just once, but twice! That's some serious charging power right there. Plus, we've got you covered if you want to keep the convenience of a power bank for a few days before swinging by a Joos box to return it. Just plug a cable into the micro-USB slot on the side, and voila! It'll be recharged and ready to rock. 

    And hey, if you find yourself head over heels for your Joos power bank and can't bear to part ways, we won't judge. You can totally keep it forever!  

    Yes, but while it's technically possible to charge multiple devices with your Joos power bank, we'd like to recommend a little something. Charging a single device at a time allows the power bank to work its magic more efficiently, preserving its capacity like a champ! 

    Here's the scoop: When you charge multiple devices simultaneously, the power bank's capacity decreases a bit faster. So, to make the most of your Joos power bank's awesomeness, we suggest focusing on one device at a time. That way, you'll get the maximum charging power and keep your devices happily juiced up! 

    Think of pre-authorisation as a little friendly "hold" on your bank account or credit card. It's like a quick validation check to ensure your payment method is good to go and that you've got enough funds available for your rental. The cool thing is, it's not a charge, just a temporary hold! Once you've returned the power bank, those funds will be released and back in your hands before you know it. 

    The pre-authorisation amount depends on how you rent your power bank. 

    When renting through our app by scanning the QR code, your pre-authorisation is wallet-friendly £5. However, if you prefer using our contactless payment terminal, we've set the pre-authorisation at a higher but equally accessible £30. 

    Why the increase on the contactless terminal, you ask? Well, it's all about keeping things smooth and ensuring we can stay connected with you. Without an account, we wouldn't have a way to reach out and remind you to return the power bank. On the bright side, if you decide to hold onto the power bank for 3 days, we'll keep your £30, and you get to enjoy the convenience of keeping our trusty power bank.

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