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Boosting Passenger Experience at Bristol Airport: A Triumph of Joos Mobile Charging Solutions

Staff at Bristol Airport observed a shift in passenger behavior regarding mobile device usage at the airport. With a growing reliance on smartphones for check-in and boarding processes, the demand for charging lockers had significantly decreased. The ideal replacement would allow passengers to stay mobile while charging their devices. Six months after implementing Joos mobile charging solution, the analytics demonstrated the service’s essential role in airport operations, all at no cost to the airport.


Bristol Airport staff had noticed a change in passenger habits when using their mobile devices at the airport. With an increased demand for smartphones as part of the check in and onboarding process there was a significant decline in usage of charging lockers and the ideal replacement would not restrict customer mobility.

Outstanding Results

Joos is Europe’s only MFI apple approved charging solution, the improved safety and security of the product meant that Joos Boxes were implemented land side and airside, replacing all charging lockers. After six months, analytics illustrate how the service has become essential to airport operations, and at no cost to the airport. 

  • As many as 1-in-500 Dpax use it some weeks, for 57 minutes on average
  • 65% demand airside, 35% demand landside
  • 1-in-5 landside users carry it through to airside, highlighting the CX value of Joos’ charge-on the-move solution
  • Joos generates income for BRS and installation, replenishment, maintenance & direct-to customer support are cost free

We’re delighted to work with Joos. We have provided phone charging services previously but nothing like Joos which allows customers freedom at the airport

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