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Tired of downloading apps? So are we… Joos has launched App Clips and Instant Apps!

At Joos, we’re always looking for ways to make portable charging simpler and safer for our community.

That’s why we’re introducing a way of making everything faster and more secure: App Clips and Instant Apps.

With the integration of this QR code technology, there’s no need to download any apps – meaning it takes less than one minute to rent a Joos power bank! Since our phased launch this summer, around 20% of our rentals come from App Clips alone.

Here’s how it works…

What are App Clips and Instant Apps?

Apple App Clips and Android Instant Apps are effectively mini-apps that accelerate key tasks – like ordering food and paying for goods – to improve the user experience.

This technology only loads the necessary parts of the app required to perform a specific action – so there’s no need to install programs, download content, or fill out long forms.

Joos has this software built-in – meaning all users have to do is hover their camera over the QR code on any Joos mobile charging station and App Clips/Instant Apps will put the ‘rent’ button on their screens right away.

It’s that easy.

How do App Clips and Instant Apps work with Joos?

With the integration of App Clips and Instant Apps, Joos customers can:

  • Rent a power bank in simpler, faster, easier fashion
  • Enjoy more memory on their device – with less space required
  • Enter fewer pieces of data – making the process more appealing
  • Sign up quickly to Joos via Apple, Google, Facebook, or their phone number

The good news is that all Joos Max Boxes are already equipped with App Clips and Instant Apps – with the software rollout reaching our whole network over the next month.

We’re tired of downloading apps, too. That’s why we’ve made charging on the go an easier, simpler task than ever.

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